Friday, April 1, 2011

Health benefits of donuts...wait, what??

No, I'm not referring to the European Union's claim that Donuts are health food:

But I am referring to a few questions brought forth by one of our loyal followers and contributors.

Brett asks:
"How many donuts do you eat donut man? And how do you view the health issues with donuts? Moderation? I kind of wrote off donuts a while a go as blasphemous as that may sound:) since they circulate around work constantly and I would get huge if I indulged. Maybe a workout to balance each donut? Honestly, you have me considering re introducing them but I was curious where u stood."

All great questions Brett and, in fact, many a donut patron has asked me how I stay so svelte while constantly sampling tasty fried treats around the globe. While I would like to claim that I have some super natural "V-8 Hemi Powered" type metabolism that makes me completely immune to health concerns, sadly, that is not the case. I too, like everyone else, have to deal with the obstacles and challenges Brett has brought forth in his queries. However, let's focus on what we can do because I want to promote the incorporation of donuts in your life as opposed to eliminating them all together. The key, moderation; that and only eating the best donuts.

I'll give you an example from this morning. One of my colleagues was kind enough to stop by a local large chain and bring in a box of "Munchkins", I'll leave it to you to fill in the blank as to where they came from. I walked by the box. I then abruptly turned an about face and stuck my hand in. Of course at this point the Donutman thought process goes something like this... "Oh,'s only a munchkin, how bad can it be?" Bad move #1. The next thought is... "Well, I have to keep up with what the competition is doing in case they improve right?" Bad move #2. and then...well, you can guess what happened next. I ate it. Bad move #3. After a feeling akin to eating wax paper and play dough (not that there anything wrong with play dough) formed on the roof of my mouth, I immediately regretted it. So, what am I getting at here. The point is that, yes donuts can be high in calorie and fat, but if we save our donut eating for only the best and exercise some self-discipline, not only will we feel more satisfied about the donut we have consumed but we won't feel guilty about the pleasure.  The happiness a good homemade donut brings is well worth running and extra few minutes on the tread mill. We all make bad choices but get on with it and move burn more calories that way.

In my case, I usually stick 1-2 donuts a week, but only from the best shops and preferably from one's I have net yet visited. I regularly by pass the donuts in the break room and those that are prepackaged in convenience stores. They are only inconvenient in my opinion. I have asked many of the shops I visit and found that many use lower calorie oils with less trans fats, and there is a definite taste difference. All in all, the term "You are what you eat" has never been more appropriate. If all you eat is donuts, then that is exactly what you will turn into. If you practice moderation, then you will be happy and feel less guilt, which leads to less stress, which leads to better sleep and and increased ability to bypass less superior treats and save your pallet for the best of the best; which I will continue to help you find!