Friday, June 7, 2013


The Friday Nut

Another year another National Donut Day! And this year to celebrate The Donut Directory found itself in New York City at one of the oldest shops in Chelsea, The Donut Pub. Located on 14th Street and 7th Avenue, has been serving up donuts to lower Manhattan since 1946.

On today's donut adventure, I made a new friend, found an amazing new donut shop and now have a permanent cab driver anytime I am in NYC.

I woke to beautiful weather in New York and began walking towards my first destination, Holey Cream, rationalising that I would walk off a few extra calories from the night before in order to feel better about the donut (s) I was about to consume; but let's face it do I really need to justify eating a donut? Which is why when my new friend Oscar waved me down from his cab I jumped in and we were off like a shot. "Where are we going?" Oscar questioned as any proficient cab driver does. "53rd and 9th, I'm on the hunt for a dozen donuts, and fast!" We both laughed and I began to share the story of  The Donut Directory. Oscar was fascinated and more then ready to dive into a few. However, when we arrived at Holey Cream, hoping for ice cream filled donuts, they were closed. "Did you call them?" Oscar questioned "Can you see any hours on the door?" His persistent passion suggested he had also been bitten by the donut bug and was beginning to salivate at the thought of consuming a delicious dough ball. The dark shop and tightly closed door left us begging like 2 puppies with wide eyes of desperation.

"Wait", I said "How fast can you get us to 14th street?" Considering it was 8:45 and I had a 9:00am meeting, I knew we had to act fast. I always have a back up donut in the unfortunate event that a shop is closed, or god for bid out of donuts; perish the thought. Before I could complete the "eet" on the end of my phrase Osacr was off. Like men possessed, we bounded through traffic as if the Donut 500 was in full fury and the checkered flag was about to fall. Tires squealing around 8th ave and 14th St, and bang an open spot just across the street waiting for us. French Crullers, Jellies, Boston Cream, Chocolate Glazed (for John N.) Honey Dipped, and a coffee for $13 - and to our suprise what else was inside the box but a complimentary hand full of Donut Holes!

The The Donut Pub is deliciuous. Next time you need your donut fix, drive like the wind and take a seat at the Pub. If it's too far to walk, call Oscar for a ride - just don't try to take his donut! :)