Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mac Donuts- wholesaling homemade!

The Wednesday Nut

As a consummate food lover, I'm always intrigued by what I will find around each new corner. And, since work has brought me in and out of the Big Apple on a weekly basis as of late, those corners have been covered with food carts. To say I love food carts is to do neither the carts nor the word "love" justice. For me, food carts are much like and adult version of an ice cream truck, only I don't have to chase them nor do I have to ask anyone else for money.

Recently, I have noticed more and more of my favorite little street stops bulging with donuts and pastries of all shapes and sizes; largely because I now take the 5:00 am train in. Take my existing curiosity with food-cartage and add donuts to it and well, let's just say the whole office eagerly awaits my arrival.

Of course I can't start eating street donuts without finding out where they are from. Though I would love to believe the average street vendor rises at 2:00am and has a complete bakery back room some where hidden down under the coffee urns and rows of multi-colored juices, even I know that these nuts are likely the by product of some large scale production line. So, I asked. The first vendor informed me that he didn't make them but loaded up in the early AM at a company called Mac Donut. The second street vendor I asked said again, Mac Donut, as did the 3rd and fourth and so on. Of course, I had to find out who they were and where they came from...I just did.

I'm happy to report that, not only in sampling their products in person, but in reading about their business, Mac Donut is one wholesale company which this donut hunter is proud to highlight. Founded in 1992 in Astoria, NY the mission on their website says it all: "We intend to become the best donut company in the world by being unrivaled, unrelenting, unflappable, and simply unbeatable." Take it from me, in the world of wholesale street food, Mac Donut is definitely doing it right. With 20+ flavors of donuts, muffins and specialty pastries, stop by the next street vendor you see and ask them..."Where do you donuts come from?" There's a good chance it will be a Mac. :)