Thursday, February 24, 2011

Start 2011 with a tour...a DONUT TOUR, that is :)

We're through the holiday season, back from an adventure in Mexico (donut story to follow) and battling through the end of winter in New England; which of course means I have been eating too many donuts. The jelly donut I grabbed before jumping on the train this morning is still with me; a friendly brick in my mid-section saying "Hi, remember how good I looked on the rack. HA HA!"

Here at the Donut Directory we have several new donut stories to add from the last few months adventures but I thought it best to launch 2011 with a contribution from one of our fans... The Donut Tour! People always mention going on Vineyard tours, European tours, Restaurant tours...we'll why not one for donut lovers? ThankS to the New York Times, and my good friend Kyle Murphy for digging it up, we can now bring you on one.

Contributed by Pete Wells and featured in the New York Times, Dining & Wine, the story highlights the many new "artisan" donut shops popping up all over New York. From Dough, 305 Franklin Avenue, to Wonder City Coffee & Doughnuts, 277 East 10th Street, to Mark Isreal's Doughnut Plant, to  Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop, 727 Manhattan Avenue; Pete has left no stone unturned as we move swiftly into this seeming "Donut Renaissance"! Call it what you will, I just hope there's enough coffee to keep washing them down.

Please see the full article at: