Monday, April 18, 2011

The Monday Nut...Donut Police

As all good things need protecting, so goes it with donuts. Police and donuts have long been synonymous, and there's an interesting history to that. After WWII when GI's returned to the US, craving the dough boys which were fried up for them overseas, the donut revolution exploded and with it the franchised donut shop. One enterprising business man, Bill Rosenberg, the founder of Dunkin Donuts, had the brilliant idea to welcome local police officers into his shops. His reasoning being, if police were welcome then crime would be averted; smart thinking. When is the the last time you have every heard of a donut shop getting robbed?? They don't. Can you imagine a criminal trying to rob a donut shop... it might go something like this:

Crook: "Give me all your money."
Clerk:  "Ah, ok whatever you say sir." "Would you like some donuts as well?"
Crook: "No."
Clerk: "Are you sure?"
Crook: "Um..yes."
Clerk: "No one turns down a donut."
Crook: "Well I did, so just give me the cash and.."
Clerk: "But you hesitated. You didn't just say "yes" when I asked it you were sure, you said um first."
Crook: "I did?" "No I didn't." "Well, so what if I did."
Clerk: "So I think you do want a donut but you're afraid to admit it."
Crook: " WHAT!!??" "Why you little....hey, is that a jelly?"
Clerk: "Yes, just out of the oven."
Crook: "Give me one of those."
Clerk: "Sugared of plain?"
Crook: "Plain please, oh and a medium coffee while you're at it."
Clerk: "Anything else?"
Crook: " Well, just make it a half dozen...actually, I'll just take a seat at the bar here if you don't mind."
Clerk: "So you're not going to rob us?"
Crook: "What?...oh that, ya I forgot." " Nah, I need you to keep making these donuts."

Of course the crook has missed the fact that he is already surrounded by police on all sides so he's done for, but I suppose we can credit that to "Donut Distraction."

In the event you too want to join the ranks of Donut defense, The Paper Magic Group has devised the
"Donut Police Costume". That way if you find you're local shop under served by the police, or if you just like wearing Halloween costumes all year, never fear your prayers have been answered.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Monday Nut...Too many donuts

Starting the week off again I am reminded of one thing, as I reach for another sip of the 3:00pm Joe, there is such a thing as too many donuts.

I love to buy donuts when I'm having guests over as it is always a good way to introduce folks to new shops; but it's mainly to cover up the fact that I would just rather have donuts around at all times and eat the entire box myself. That being said, the entire box, or shall we say the half that I managed to eat, is still in my stomach today. The top of my desk is looking very much like a soft pillow for my forehead.

My own idiocy aside, that important thing to remember is that this presents an entirely new topic to explore..can one take too many donuts? Well, thanks to the efforts of Living Small , Seattels' Central District News, and the fine men in blue, it has one been confirmed that yes, a person can be accused of taking too many donuts.

And I quote from the may 23rd, 2008 entry of Living Small:

"So today the Scanner reports, amidst the Narcotics Activity and Domestic Assault and Trespassing, this:
8:06AM – Broadway & James – Greed – Police contacted by a church organizer who wants them to deal with a man who’s been taking too many donuts."

Oh, the fervour of the local news is only out done by the dedication of the local church group. Hands off the sacrament buddy!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

200 Shops and growing...

It's official, The Donut Directory has just passed 200 shops and is continuing to grow! Keep sending us your shops, questions, reviews and comments so we can hit out next goal of 500. The more you send in the faster we will hit it and continue to spread the joy of Donuts.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

THE DONUT MAP has launched!

For our loyal followers who have been asking us to provide a map which will allow them to find the best local donut shop in their region, the wait is over!

Much like you would take a road trip and create a wall map covered with pins which notate stops, memorable moments and such, the Donut Directory is now equipped with a map and map pins of all your favorite places; Donut shops. I'm sensing an extensive road trip in the works. So, keep sending your favorite hots spots and the map will continue to grow. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Monday Donut: Lyndell’s Bakery, Somerville Ma

There's only one thing better than adding a new name to the Donut directory, because I will have to go sample the new fare, and that is when the new establishment is only 2 minutes from my house! Lyndells Bakery, located in Ball Square, Somerville MA, is just that place.

Opened in 1887, Lyndells is one of the oldest bakeries in New England, and well worth the trip whether you are 2 hours away or two minutes. I must admit, I have been to Lyndells previously but was so overwhelmed by the multitude of other cakes, pastry, cookies and cannoli in their display cases that I somehow brushed right over the donuts...shame on you donut man. I consoled myself by that fact that I was likely there too late in the day on my previous trip, therefore all the donuts were already gone; something the counter staff affirmed as the usual case this weekend. 

On to the donuts. In sampling the raised Jelly, my humble standard, I was pleasantly surprised by a very light crunchy crust on the top of the dough and a rather pleasant filling with a hint of grape; unlikely the standard raspberry. The donut was light and I had no greasy after taste- A+ !! The cake twsit we sampled, Lydells version of a cruller, was not only esthetically pleasing but delicious. The ample sugaring and hint of cinnamon through out pairs this well with a cup of joe; again no grease here.

Suffice to say my new local stop will be I just need to get up before the crow flies to get one pipping hot.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Health benefits of donuts...wait, what??

No, I'm not referring to the European Union's claim that Donuts are health food:

But I am referring to a few questions brought forth by one of our loyal followers and contributors.

Brett asks:
"How many donuts do you eat donut man? And how do you view the health issues with donuts? Moderation? I kind of wrote off donuts a while a go as blasphemous as that may sound:) since they circulate around work constantly and I would get huge if I indulged. Maybe a workout to balance each donut? Honestly, you have me considering re introducing them but I was curious where u stood."

All great questions Brett and, in fact, many a donut patron has asked me how I stay so svelte while constantly sampling tasty fried treats around the globe. While I would like to claim that I have some super natural "V-8 Hemi Powered" type metabolism that makes me completely immune to health concerns, sadly, that is not the case. I too, like everyone else, have to deal with the obstacles and challenges Brett has brought forth in his queries. However, let's focus on what we can do because I want to promote the incorporation of donuts in your life as opposed to eliminating them all together. The key, moderation; that and only eating the best donuts.

I'll give you an example from this morning. One of my colleagues was kind enough to stop by a local large chain and bring in a box of "Munchkins", I'll leave it to you to fill in the blank as to where they came from. I walked by the box. I then abruptly turned an about face and stuck my hand in. Of course at this point the Donutman thought process goes something like this... "Oh,'s only a munchkin, how bad can it be?" Bad move #1. The next thought is... "Well, I have to keep up with what the competition is doing in case they improve right?" Bad move #2. and then...well, you can guess what happened next. I ate it. Bad move #3. After a feeling akin to eating wax paper and play dough (not that there anything wrong with play dough) formed on the roof of my mouth, I immediately regretted it. So, what am I getting at here. The point is that, yes donuts can be high in calorie and fat, but if we save our donut eating for only the best and exercise some self-discipline, not only will we feel more satisfied about the donut we have consumed but we won't feel guilty about the pleasure.  The happiness a good homemade donut brings is well worth running and extra few minutes on the tread mill. We all make bad choices but get on with it and move burn more calories that way.

In my case, I usually stick 1-2 donuts a week, but only from the best shops and preferably from one's I have net yet visited. I regularly by pass the donuts in the break room and those that are prepackaged in convenience stores. They are only inconvenient in my opinion. I have asked many of the shops I visit and found that many use lower calorie oils with less trans fats, and there is a definite taste difference. All in all, the term "You are what you eat" has never been more appropriate. If all you eat is donuts, then that is exactly what you will turn into. If you practice moderation, then you will be happy and feel less guilt, which leads to less stress, which leads to better sleep and and increased ability to bypass less superior treats and save your pallet for the best of the best; which I will continue to help you find!