Monday, April 11, 2011

The Monday Nut...Too many donuts

Starting the week off again I am reminded of one thing, as I reach for another sip of the 3:00pm Joe, there is such a thing as too many donuts.

I love to buy donuts when I'm having guests over as it is always a good way to introduce folks to new shops; but it's mainly to cover up the fact that I would just rather have donuts around at all times and eat the entire box myself. That being said, the entire box, or shall we say the half that I managed to eat, is still in my stomach today. The top of my desk is looking very much like a soft pillow for my forehead.

My own idiocy aside, that important thing to remember is that this presents an entirely new topic to explore..can one take too many donuts? Well, thanks to the efforts of Living Small , Seattels' Central District News, and the fine men in blue, it has one been confirmed that yes, a person can be accused of taking too many donuts.

And I quote from the may 23rd, 2008 entry of Living Small:

"So today the Scanner reports, amidst the Narcotics Activity and Domestic Assault and Trespassing, this:
8:06AM – Broadway & James – Greed – Police contacted by a church organizer who wants them to deal with a man who’s been taking too many donuts."

Oh, the fervour of the local news is only out done by the dedication of the local church group. Hands off the sacrament buddy!

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