Monday, March 28, 2011

Powdered Donuts on Monday: Appreciating Life's Simple Pleasures in Times of Adversity

It's Monday again and aside from being back at work most of us are probably waiting to be back at home, with thoughts of sleep, breakfast and donuts from yesterday. But we might as well celebrate everyday as a donut day because you never know when that day, or that donut, may be your last.

In searching for this weeks donut inspiration I came across an interested title on Amazon, published this past year, "Powdered Donuts on Monday: Appreciating Life's Simple Pleasures in Times of Adversity"

Synopsis: (per Amazon site)

"Lesha has been faced with several life threatening health issues, including a diagnosis of a potentially fatal heart condition, Long QT Syndrome, at the age of twenty-three. Long QT Syndrome is a heart condition that effects 1 in 2500 teenagers and young adults. This condition can cause a sudden and dangerous heart rhythm, also known as an arrhythmia, in response to extreme exercise, stress, or arousal from sleep. What began as an unusual phenomenon, this heart condition is now on the forefront of cardiology discussions. After suffering for nine years with these potentially deadly arrhythmias, she has been symptom free by undergoing major heart surgery soon after diagnosis. Lesha hopes others will not go undiagnosed and suffer needlessly as she.

Since her diagnosis, Lesha has experienced other life threatening health issues indirectly related to her heart condition. One included a nine-month battle with a staph infection. This required three hospital stays, numerous tests and procedures, and eventually two surgeries.

Only through her faith in God and unrelenting prayers was Lesha able to survive such adversity. She learned to find her strength through the Lord and release control back to Him. It was during these times she embraced life's simple pleasures. Follow Lesha as she chronicles her life's struggles in Powdered Donuts on Monday, and celebrate with her by what the Lord has accomplished in her life so you too can find hope in your times of adversity. "
Since I still prefer paperback to the kindle, I'll be ordering up this book today and a review will follow in the next few weeks. The title itself is a great reminder of how simple it can be to appreciate life and each moment we have be it Monday, Tuesday, with a friend, or family, or just by yourself with a donut. Always appreciate the minutes...and the ones filled with donuts you can appreciate that much more. :)