Monday, August 27, 2012

The Best Independent Doughnut Shops In America : Secrets

The Monday Nut :

I love a good bit of news from the Huffington Post. I love it even more when it revolves around donuts. And today they have not failed.

I have I mentioned that there has been an ever increasing trend recently toward more edgy, creative and innovative donut flavors; and the Huffington Post has blown the lid clean off! Whether we are looking at Atlanta based Sublime Donuts strawberry and creme, which goes full-blown-donut on strawberry shortcake, or Seattles' Top Pot Donuts going fasionista with the Chocolate Feather Boa, or back to local hot spot Kane's Donuts, of Saugus, unseating the likes of donut juggernaut Dunkin Donuts, we have independent shops crisscrossing the country with innovation and temptation to satisfy the pickiest of donut eaters.

Read up, eat up and enjoy!

Secrets Of The Best Independent Doughnut Shops In America