Thursday, November 10, 2011

Donuts From Around the World!

The Friday Nut

Here at The Donut Directory, we enjoy nothing more than well...donuts but, with our next big food holiday not far off, we decided to expand our view to a bit to include donuts of all forms. As a donut by any other name can also still be a donut, you may find that while traveling around the globe it is relatively easy to see that people of all cultures enjoy "fried dough" and "fried breads" of many kinds.

The best example and most comprehensive resource I have found to date, which catalogues these delightful cultural differences is the site run by OSO-ONO Foods, LLC, Marin County, CA. Not only do the folks at OSO-ONO produce some of the best dessert dough in the world, they have also compiled and extensive DONUT HISTORY  dating from B.C. up to 2003 when OSO-ONO began wholesale operations.

Therefore as we prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration, don't forget, whether you indulge in Donuts, Bismarks, Bunuelo's, Churros, Malasadas, or forget to bring some along. You'll be sure to make everyone smile, and you may even learn a little culture while your at it!


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