Friday, October 28, 2011

The Last Donut of The Night

The Friday Nut

Donuts have a sublime place in any society, because they are simple. It is that consistent simplicity that makes the donut so prone to humor in any culture. Combine that characteristic with the its visual aesthetic, throw in some filmmakers with a sharp eye for expression and cultural lore (cops and donuts), add the astute comedic timing of a skilled editor, and set that to the gripping beats of Hip Hop artist J.Dilla's (may he rest in peace) hit song and you have The Last Donut of The Night.

In celebration of J.Dilla's life and Album, Donuts, Stones Throw Records, hosted a video contest for his tracks. The Last Donut of The Night, entered Tuomas Vauhkonen and Jeremias Nieminen's, wone 1st prize! It is well deserved.

The film is rife with comedy and satire, but can also show corruption and political unrest as relative to the audience viewing it; all conveyed through people fighting over donuts.

Watch the donuts bouncing and rolling off the ground as though the thief has just released them from there cage, and decide for yourself. What would you do if these really were the Last Donuts of The Night?