Friday, October 7, 2011

Donut Toss, a game for the masses, a version for all

The Friday Nut

What could be more fun than grabbing a box of donuts, taking some cover and chucking them at people. Apparently, nothing, especially if you are part of Tennessee Technological University homecoming parade.
Their Facebook page touts the "The official Cookeville Homecoming Donut Toss" , where the mission is plain and simple: To toss donuts at people. Other than just provoking a good solid laugh from this donut hunter, I couldn't help be wonder how many other people out there would like to "throw" donuts around and haow many ways you could do it, let's take a look.

1) First off there's the actual game itself, in many different varieties, Donut Toss. This comes in versions for kids, down-loadable boardgames, or this "corn-hole" type game featured at the 2011 Donut Summit , I know, I know...I will give this it's own story soon.

2) Then of course we can't forget our furry friends, by providing them with a Suede Donut Toss toy, a  natural water buffalo leather toy created from the hide of domesticated water buffalo. I bet the buffalo never saw that one coming. 

3)For those of you into an old fashion adventure we have Donut Toss meets Scavenger Hunt. In this version you and a friend toss gigantic donuts (I need to know where to get these) between open windows of 2 buildings going up a floor at each successful toss.

What's needed?

"Materials: Donut, 3 feet in diameter. Two adjacent high rises with windows spaced approximately the same. Strong arms, strong back, umbrellas for pedestrians to protect themselves.

Optional: Gigantic donut holes, fritters, and bear claws may be used in place of the donut."

Okay, first off I don't even know where to get a donut that is 3 feet in diameter, but I want to :) And secondly, an umbrella, that will save anyone from a 100lb mass of dough spiraling out of control toward the sidewalk. Anyone want to try it with me?

4) Donut Sports version: American Fatty-aitors - Donut Toss  , where, the Fatty-aitors attempt to gain points by catching as many donuts as possible. 

I would say, 'Only in America..." but do I even need to?

5) The denotative definition: courtousey of the Urban Dictionary , otherwise known as "Pastry Pitching"
"Throwing powdered doughnuts through your car windows at other moving vehicles. The most fun you'll ever have." as used in a sentence: Last night we went pastry pitching and got three cars to chase us!
The Donut Directory does not condone cruelty towards donuts.

The list can go on and on. Try your own Google search and see what you can find! We want to hear and see your best donut toss. Send them along and enjoy your Columbus Day weekend!