Friday, June 3, 2011

National Donut Day is here - Free Donuts for all!!

Happy National Donut Day! Though the intent of the directory is not to necessarily to bolster national chains, we will never neglect to highlight what those chains do for the donut masses: namely give away free donuts today :) Head down to your local participating Dunkin Donuts or Kirspy Kreme to get your hands on one.

But let's not forget the humble beginnings of Donut Day among the free goodies. The Huffington Post always has a great write-up this time of year and today was no exception.

"This holiday actually traces its roots all the way back to 1938, when the Salvation Army declared the first Friday of every June to be National Donut Day, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. It was originally intended to help the needy during the Great Depression."

In fact, they went way over the top with a Dollars to Donuts breakdown of donut sales by region, varieties, and annual comp sales. It looks like 2010-2011 was a stellar year. And while the size of the hole in the donut is often linked to economic prosperity, one thing is for certain, no matter what mood your in or how fat your wallet is there's nothing like a donut to make the day better!!

Visit the Huffington Post for the full articles with contributions from my good friend Sally Levitt Steinberg, author of The Donut Book