Thursday, June 2, 2011

In Defense of a Daily Donut..YAHOO!

When Men's health isn't making men throughout the world feel the ache of painful inadequacy in comparison to the perfectly sculpted abs of its cover models, they are providing reasons-o-plenty that we should feel great about not having the perfectly sculpted abs of their cover models; for that we love them and will continue to dream of being rock solid while double-fisting donuts and beer.

Thankfully, Yahoo Health and MH Reporter Kiera Aaron, has given us permission to continue to pursue these delicious delusions while giving both our appetites and egos reasons to celebrate: In Defense of a Daily Donut. The article touched a very personal note for Donut Man as I was recently told by a rheumatologist that I should go on an anti-inflammatory diet to help ease the arthritis in my spine. But, thanks to Kiera and her commitment to subverting the "all-or-nothing relationships with forbidden foods", I'm going to sooth my spine with some Boston cream.

"When is Restriction Bad? “Denying yourself a full food group or even one specific food will make it more desirable,” says Sondra Kronberg, M.S., R.D., NEDA spokesperson, and director of the Eating Disorder Treatment Collaborative. “You’ll want it even more because it’s forbidden—and your body will physically crave it if you’re depriving yourself of a given nutrient.”

We can see in Kiera's has been able to find supporting evidence that donuts are in fact a "nutrient" that, once a body has become accustom to should not be completely denied less we face dire consequences; such as wanting more donuts. So remember, moderation is the key, that and finding a professional who will agree that we need to keep eating donuts for the sake of mental stability. Eat your donuts, do your crunches, and if you can't make the cover of Men's Health, well, sit down on the stool with the rest of us and order another jelly. Life is sweet!