Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Make Vegan Donut Holes

The Monday Nut

On Friday I was given some very unfortunate news from my Dr., a list of foods to which I could be sensitive and those that should be avoided as they could potentially cause irritation aggravating the arthritis in my spine. No, "donuts" were not specifically on the list, but many of the ingredients that comprise donuts are; needless to say I was devastated. "Does this mean my donut eating days are  numbered?" I thought as I contemplated the palate of bland, tasteless foods, which were listed as "ok to consume" ? The last straw was seeing coffee highlighted with a (3), the number designating that unholy zone of "maximum irritation"- noooo! Not only were my beloved donuts about to be taken from my daily consumption, but along with them the light brown swimming pool I so often bath them in. I quickly became depressed and sank so low that I reached the very depths of  donut despair. The great thing about going to the farthest depths of despair very quickly is that you soon reach the bottom, after which the only way to look is up :)!!

Upon looking up, I was greeted by Ani Phyo, and her recipe for none other than Vegan Donut Holes; proving there is a God and he likes donuts. Ani's recipies revolve around a raw food diet and are always vegetarian vegan, using only whole fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. If you can make a Vegan Donut hole surely you can make a Vegan donut; it turns out many people have.

Though I'm not cutting out the traditional donuts, sorry Dr., I'll be on the lookout in the coming months for alternative donut recipes and the healthiest donut options available. Please send in your favorites and I'll conitnue to provide updates on mine.

Thanks Ani!!