Monday, May 9, 2011

Don't Get a Divorce...Get a Donut!!

The Monday Nut

Every once in a while we find a nugget of advice so profound that we can't help but act on it immediately. Donut Prince, Burbank CA, has just such a nugget of wisdom to share; and I'm booking a flight to go test it first hand.

Don't get a Divorce...Get a Donut!" 

In an effort to stave the increasing divorce rate and bond already tight couples closer, the couple who own and operate the Donut Prince not only proclaim this loudly throughout their commercials, but also have the slogan displayed in plain sight. They are open 23/7, and can you guess what they're doing during that 24th hour...huh? huh? Oh ya, makin' donuts! No marriage would fail with this kind of concrete holding it together. START EATING!!!

It's George Lopez's favorite shop and I'll leave you with this to find out why.