Friday, October 15, 2010

The Nissan Juke, saving the day with donuts!

"With a turbo and AWD handling in a nimble sport cross, the Nissan Juke helps a young exec named Kowalczyk save the day with...donuts."

I know what you're all thinking..."Well duh, what else would you save the day with?" But it's truley a rarity when you see an advertising campaing in the US which is this ingenious. We must have a brief moment of silence and give thanks to our contributor Tony Mento, know in some circles as "The God Father". Had Tony not rolled his eyes thinking of the next crazy thing I decided to start writing about this commercial might have otherwise slipped through the cracks like so many others. Instead it sunk deep into his subconcious, almost impercetibly and caused a knee jerk like reaction in his fingers forcing him to, cut - paste - send the link for all of us to enjoy.

Please, do so. :)

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