Thursday, September 16, 2010

Elvis Discovered in Donut Factory...this story and more on

Every once in a while you might stumble across and idea or a story that makes you say, "Now why didn't I think of that?" Thankfully, the many individuals who contribute at, and the creators of the site, have come up with just such and idea; or several hundreds of these ideas.

The Spoof as an entity of the Blogosphere is described as, per their about section:

" one of the leading satire newspapers on the internet.

Providing an irreverent and satirical slant to the current big news stories throughout the world, bringing you more funny stories than you can shake sticks at. We rely entirely on our readers to submit stories to The Spoof. All the material on The Spoof is submitted online, welcoming all kinds of exciting ideas and style of writing and writers to publish their thoughts! Our editorial team (when not making coffee) work hard to give you the best response to your work."

Anyone who knows me knows I love to shake sticks at things; small animals, my grandmother, and of course funny stories. Nothing is safe. Now, all funny stick shaking aside, the best thing about the Spoof is that there is a whole section dedicated to Donuts, HUZZAH!

The "Donut" King
For example:

I know how much you were all begging for an image for that last headline, well too bad. Just sit back, kick up your feet, grab a donut and be glad that someone has the gusto to produce that wonderful gonzo journalism that makes you glad that the last time your were caught in a chimney trying to steal donuts you weren't naked. Or were you?