Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dirty Dozen Donuts = Delicious!!

The Tuesday Nut

Brand new to Sanford, Maine is a wonderful little shop Dirty Dozen Donuts. The name is fun, the donuts are incredible and the young owner, Kelsey Quint, is a much needed vibrant spark to the community.

Sanford, like many New England mill towns, was once a bustling textile center that was severly impacted as companies merged and jobs left. But Sanford is a town that refuses to die, boasting a population of 21,000 and attracting entreprenuers like Quint who breathe new life through old traditions. 

A native of York, Kelsey moved to Sandford in 2009, and after a sucessful prior stint at another of this Donut Hunter's loved Maine donut holes, Congdon's, she went out on her own to do what she knows best - donuts; boy does she ever.

Who can pass up the Boston cream...not me!

Do you want a jelly donut
 you'll need a shovel to eat?

How about a lemon donut
that's bigger than your head...done!
Kelsey not only makes an amazing donut, she believes in building community and supporting the locals that make a community strong.

“It was very cool to watch – money that I had saved from making dilly bars at a Dairy Queen when I was in High School – go to local tradesmen who were going to spend their money locally with people who would turn around and do the same,” she says. “When you hear on the news about the economy, it’s too large to not feel powerless. Focusing on my community and the people interact with everyday has a more powerful and rewarding effect.”

With that in mind, take a trip to Sanford to support Kelsey and her staff. One donut at a time we can strengthen our community and rebuild our economy. But just get there early or you might miss out. :)


Anonymous said...

On a diet but a friend brought one of these delicious donuts home; maple frosting and cream filled; can't wait to have another; screw the diet....Just delish

Anonymous said...

My husband is a donut nut. Yesterday we had a donut tasting with friends. A dozen from Congdon's in Wells, ME, a dozen from Klemm's in Windham, NH (both have excellent donuts), and a dozen from The Dirty Dozen which won hands down!!! Yummy yummy!

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