Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Homemade Donuts are still the best :)

The Wednesday Nut 
What's better than having an extra long weekend vacation with good friends touring the back roads of Vermont on motorcycles? Well, nothing really. Unless, one of those friends is a loyal Donut Hunter and his wife is an amazing baker...of donuts!

Say hi Julie!

With that, The Donut Directory is happy to introduce Julie Mento. Julie is the better half of Tony Mento, of the painfully short lived "Where's Tony with a Donut series" (short, because he disappeared and took the donuts with him) and is an accomplished student in the art of homemade donutery.

With a skillful hand and a taste for interesting creative ingredients, Julie always manages to say "Really it was nothing" with an ease that would make Paula Dean gain back the 30 pounds she just lost.

Into this wonderful batch of homemade donuts Julie stressed the key ingredient, “whole” nutmeg; boy did it work. The “whole” nutmeg gives the donut a rich, full flavor with a slight spice that is to die for. Additionally, Julie combined the bourbon base vanilla, created by our friends Fiona and Jeff, to make a sugar glaze that perfectly complements the hint of nutmeg; Tony agreed.

We ended up with over a dozen plain raised donuts, glazed, cinnamon sugar and chocolate glazed. I'm not ashamed to say that I polished of at least 7 and I'm looking forward to the next batch. I'll be sure to post the recipe as soon as Julie will give it up. But if you have a favorite recipe let us know and we'll bake a batch and immortalize you in The Donut Directory!


Bootlegger1 said...

I got to sample some of those fine donuts, and I agree whole heartedly...... But I'm the Jeff of "Fiona and Jeff" so I may be biased. ;-)

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