Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Be a Hero...Bring Donuts!

A very appropriate title as we have just returned from a Heroic motorcycle (basically an engine on 2 donuts) trip through the Northeast US, Canada and Michigan.
Note: when you come down from Canada, cross the Mackinaw Bridge, are craving the likes of homemade donuts and are greeted by the huge sign exclaiming DONUTS!!! Don't believe it. It's all a clever ruse to distract weary travelers into buying ice coffee and gas- no donuts to be found anywhere :(

We discovered that, in Michigan, sometimes it's best to look for what is less obvious, understated, and accompanied by fudge! Mackinaw Island and the Murray Hotel are just such examples.

For those unfamiliar with Mackinaw, it is the American island that has banned motorized vehicles for more than a century and remains a living Victorian community. The island was home to a Native American settlement before European exploration began in the 17th century. It served a strategic position amidst the commerce of the Great Lakes fur trade. This led to the establishment of Fort Mackinac on the island by the British during the American Revolutionary War. It was the scene of two battles during the War of 1812. (courtesy of Wikipedia) As a means of commerce and catering to local sweet teeth, the native tribes created maple syrup and sugar candy, this evolved to the "Fudge Trade" ,as it were, and of course donuts; the exact evolution is still dependent on missing fossil remains.

The Murray Hotel, a Mackinaw landmark, boasts just such a fudge shop. The astute donuts hero may catch the small notation on the sign out front otherwise let the fudge lead the way inside. Venturing a bit further, just past all that delicious fudge (it's tough I know) will bring you to Murray's Deli where donut Heroes are welcomed with open arms. And, if you're especially lucky you might even run into Bob- the man who taught the Murray how to make their donuts "Crunchy". "I check em every day to make sure they're crunchy." Bob excitedly explained. "If they're not crunchy, they're not donuts!"
A mixture of ring shaped cake delights will greet hungry donut seekers. Rainbow sprinkles, glazed, and peanuts with chocolate (this tastes just like champ or drumstick) are among the many cake donuts to sample from. Bob might even through you an extra if they aren't quite as “crunchy” as they should be....but they are.

As far as I am concerned we need more heroes in the world and all heroes should bring donuts. Otherwise, what's the point? I mean sure you saved civilization, but now what? Imagine saving civilization…with donuts. When Superman's dedicated fans ask "Superman how can we ever repay you?" he would reply "No need...oh and by the way...donut?" Of course the raucous applause may cause sudden hearing loss in all surrounding geographies so for now we can stick with Murray's Deli.